about me

ttrpg and larp gm & player, thrifty diy enthusiast, gardener, cook, husband (he/him), christian

Growing up, I remember browsing old Angelfire and GeoCities sites (RIP) and trying my hand at html for the first time on Neopets. In college, my professors introduced me to graphic designers whose personal websites were still just basic html and css, clean and fast, in the mid-2010s. (Jaron Lanier is one example, but I'll try to remember others.) I like to bring up at parties that the average new webpage is bigger than the original DOOM in its entirity (~2.3MB) — web bloat freaks me out almost as much as bit rot.

I found out about neocities.org from Kate Wagner, creator of the fantastic McMansion Hell blog, probably from something they posted on Mastodon.